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Cotyledon orbiculata — Brian McDonough


The images:


Calendar2018 Jan Medium   Calendar2018 febmedium
January - Crassula barbata — Brian McDonough   February - Echinocereus chloranthus var. russanthus — John Ellis
Calendar2018 mar Medium   Calendar2018 Apr Medium
March - Stapelia maculosa — John Ellis   April - Euphorbia bupleurifolia — Brian McDonough
Calendar2018 may Medium   Calendar2018 jun Medium
May - Rebutia narvaecensis — John Ellis   June - Conophytum pellucidum subsp. cupreatum var. terrestre — Brian McDonough
Calendar2018 Jul Medium   0817 Class 3 Haworthia viscosa RR Large Custom
July - Trichodiadema densum — Brian McDonough   August - Echinopsis (Lobivia) haematantha var. rebutioides — Brian McDonough
Calendar2018 sept Medium   Calendar2018 oct Medium
September - Pseudolithos caput-viperae — John Ellis   October - Pelecyphora aselliformis — John Ellis
Calendar2018 nov Medium   Calendar2018 dec Medium
November - Oroya subocculta (peruviana) — John Ellis  

December - Christmas Cornucopia — A selection of images posted on the BCSS’s Facebook,

Twitter and Instagram feeds, with thanks to the following contributors: Anne & Peter Adams,Robin Arnott,

Alan Bromley, Jenny Roche and Helen Wilson.



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