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Unfortunately there was an error relating to the day and the date of the vote and this has caused some confusion.

The Board of Trustees has also listened to the small proportion of members who did not receive the documents through the post due to postal problems. In consequence we have extended the period for voting to 12:00 noon on Friday 30th April 2021. The original message did not mention that the membership number ought to be quoted, but, contrary to some stories circulating, only a tiny proportion of members who have voted have not provided their number.

This method of dissemination of the information was discussed and approved by The Charity Commission, as was the procedure for putting the information to the membership and the vote. The Charity Commission concluded that a matter of this importance could be dealt with in this way so it could be concluded and brought into effect within a reasonable timeframe.

The BoT remains convinced that the proposed new Constitution and Standing Orders do provide the membership with a greater say in the business of the society and no diminution to their rights. We have listened to members concerns in relation to some repeated criticism of certain paragraphs (e.g. 7.5) and these will be addressed. However, the BoT has to manage this process and has decided that this is the best way forward.

If you have not yet voted then please do so and take advantage of this extension.

If you need to discuss this please contact any of the trustees.

Board of Trustees.