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Checklist of projects so far financed by the BCSS Conservation Committee
Project led by: Project description
Kirstenbosch Replant Gasteria baylissiana into habitat at Oudekraal
Glass Warden to protect Gymnocactus ysabelae, near Tula, Mexico
Ostolaza Rescue plants from Lima shanty town development
Pretoria Bot.Inst. Re-establishment of Aloe suzannae into habitat in Madagascar
Ostolaza Collection of threatened plants (part funded with other organisations)
Ostolaza Survey the needs of cacti in the Pisco, Ica & Nazca valleys
Pritchard Assessment of Euphorbia polycephala in Cradock, E Cape, South Africa
Areces Malleas Survey of the succulent flora of NW Haiti and the Dominican Republic
National Bot.Inst.* Five aloes project: reintroduction into the wild *Cape Town
Van Jaarsveld Progress report on Gasteria baylissiana replanting project of 1994
Ostolaza Rescue Haageocereus tenuis & H.repens from irrigation & farming projects
Kiesling Study the conservation needs of Trichocereus smrzianus & Lobivia walteri
Van Jaarsveld Further clearance of alien vegetation threatening Saphesia flaccida
Stegman Fencing the habitat of Euphorbia obesa & other sp. on a farm at Willowmore, South Africa
Kiesling Survey of the population of Lobivia pugionocantha in Argentina
Arias Montes Fencing at Pozos, Guanajuato, Mexico, to designate land ownership & protect the population of M. albiflora
Ostolaza Survey of cactus distribution in the San Juan river basin, S of Lima, Peru
Sotomayor Reseeding of Turbinicarpus schmiedickeanus ssp. andersonii & T jauernigii habitats
Kiesling Survey & gather seeds of Yavia cryptocarpa, for ex situ propagation in Europe
Oakman Survey Aloe perryi & Duvaliandra dioscoridis in Socotra
Ostolaza Survey of the cactus populations of the Huaura river valley, N of Lima, Peru
Machado Fencing Melocactus conoideus habitat, Bahia, Brazil, with local municipality involvement
Ostolaza Second survey of the cacti of the Huaura river valley
González-Torres Melocactus actinocanthus population survey and replanting
Vlok Fencing of the habitat of Bijlia dilatata on a farm in South Africa
González-Torres Establishing a Cuban Workshop for the conservation of native cacti
Newton Tissue culture programme of Aloe secundiflora, for medical applications
Gonzalez-Torres Survey & protection plan for 3 CE (Critically Endangered) species of Leptocereus nr. Havana, Cuba
Stephenson Rescue of Sempervivum species from a dam site in Turkey
Ostolaza Survey of the cactus populations of the Cañete river valley, S of Lima