Ian Thwaites

General: I have grown Cacti and Succulents since I was a young lad and the fascination that I had then is still with me to this day.  It was a hobby that I shared with my Mother and was fostered by members of the Spalding branch who have since become my most treasured personal friends.

This hobby has been an integral part of my whole adult life and through it I have had the opportunity to travel to some rather special locations and meet some rather special people.

I passed the judges course back in the early 80’s and am the most experienced on the shows committee (notice I would never say the best).  I hope that through the shows committee I can add some of my experience and enthusiasm for this wonderful hobby.  

In recent years photography has been an important part of the hobby and I am an International Garden Photographer of the Year award winning botanical photographer.    Many of my images capture the natural beauty of my subjects whether in a formal garden, their natural environment or as a simple portrait.  I am a member of the Garden Media Guild and Professional Garden Photographers Association.  I am also accredited as a press photographer by the 

Many of my popular images are abstracts that focus on a specific feature of my subject.  I enjoy capturing structure and form in my photography and hope to draw the viewer into appreciating the intricacies of the natural world.

I enjoy growing a vast array of plants and can usually be found pottering in the garden or greenhouse with either a camera, a watering can or a knife ready to take a cutting.