BCSS Journal 01/1992
BCSS Journal 01/1992
Journal 01/1992 | 2 GBP


  • From the President
  • Lophophora williamsii and its Variety caespitose by Mick Field
  • CITES - Some Further Thoughts, by Phil Clark
  • A Mini-desert in Woolwich, by Len and Dorothy Cole
  • Greenhouse Gadgets, by Peter Bent
  • Unique Treasures by Roger Goodswen
  • Bijlia cana: the 'Canescent Fig-marygold', by Bill Keen
  • Pachypodium rosulatum var. horombense, by Bill Speirs
  • Echeveria purpusorum, by Fred Wakefield
  • Greenhouse Photography: a Step-by-step Approach, by D. J. Ellis
  • Mammillaria longiflora, by Bill Keen
  • Flowering Pachypodium brevicaule from Seed, by Walter Kemp
  • Peat-free Soilless Composts, by Bill Maddams
  • My ABC Adventure, by Carla Wolters
  • The Discovery of Agave seemanniana Jacobi, By Bernd Ullrich
  • Aloe globuligemma? by Howard Walpole
  • A Succulent Inheritance, by Bill Putnam
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 02/1992
BCSS Journal 02/1992
Journal 02/1992 | 2 GBP
  • Editorial
  • Choice Echinocerei : Echinocereus stramineus, by Eddie Cheetham
  • Echeveria 'Doris Taylor'
  • Mammillaria albicans, by Bill Maddams
  • A Biological Control for Mealybugs, by Martin P. Land
  • A Famous Five, by Geoff Hough
  • Agave striata, by Dale Speirs
  • All I Can Find Out About . . . Austrocylindropuntia clavarioides, by David Brewerton
  • Peat: The Myths and the Facts, by Curtis Leach
  • Pelargonium cotyledonis, by Bill Keen
  • The Flowering of Furcraea Iongaeva, by Bill Maddams
  • Cotyledon striata, by Fred Wakefield
  • The Honours List
  • The NCSS and BCSS National Shows, by Fred Evans
  • Euphorbia horrida. by Bill Keen
  • Growing Succulents in Beds, by Peter Bent
  • Cereus group: Neobuxbaumia euphorbioides, by Eddie Cheetham and Derek Bowdery
  • Rising Phoenix or Second Childhood ?, by I. Marshall French
  • Mammillaria albilanata, by Bill Maddams
  • The travels of Friedrich Ritter, by A.J.S. McMillan
  • Euphorbia multiceps, by Fred Wakefield
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 03/1992
BCSS Journal 04/1992
Journal 03/1992 | 2 GBP
  • Extremely Southern Cacti, by Ray Stephenson
  • Conservation an Amateur Grower's View by Alex Martin
  • Esterhuysenia L. Bolus, or, A. Gordian Knot by Steve Hammer
  • On the Discovery of Agave schidigera by Bernd Ullrich
  • Tephrocactus subterraneus, by Rene Geissler
  • More on Austrocylindropuntia clavarioides by Dave Whiteley
  • Cacti on Lanzarote, by Jo Evans
  • Mammillaria eichlamii, by Bill Maddams
  • Three Genteel Gymnocalyciums, by Bill Keen
  • On the Germination of Cactus Seeds by Roger Moreton
  • All Can Find Out About .. . Haworthia venosa subsp. tessellata, by David Brewerton
  • E.G.F. or R.H.S. Which Dictionary? bv G. Rowley
  • Mammillaria canelensis, by Bill Maddams
  • Conservation, by Rodney Sims
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 04/1992
BCSS Journal 04/1992
Journal 04/1992 | 2 GBP
  • Editorial
  • National Show 1992
  • The Genus Leachia by Bill Keen
  • A Mini-Desert in Harrow and Reading, by Gordon Rowley
  • Anniversaries from the President
  • Zygophyllum fontanesii Webb & Berth, by Ian Lawrie
  • Bowiea gariepensis and Bowiea volubilis by Ernst van Jaarsveld
  • Mammillaria microthele by Bill Maddams
  • Fuerteventura by Ray Stephenson
  • All I Can Find Out About . . . Trichocereus pasacana by David Brewerton
  • Vatricania guentheri by Colin Norton
  • Sedum adenotrichum Wall. ex Edgew. (Crassulaceae) A Species from the Himalayas by A. N. Sharga & A. K. Goal
  • R. Allen Dyer submitted by Philip E. Downs
  • Helmut Broogh (1919- 1992) by E. W. Putnam
  • The East of England Show by Alec Daniels
  • Face to Face