BCSS Journal 01/1993
BCSS Journal 01/1993
Journal 01/1993 | 2 GBP
  • Ariocarpus from Seed, by Brian Moss
  • Effects of Environment on Sulcorebutias, by Ralph Martin
  • Judges' Comments on the National Show: Spalding 1993
  • Unexpurgated Adventures of a Ring-Cristate Lobivia, by Gordon Rowley
  • Problems of Synonymy in the genus Haworthia, by Paul Whicher
  • Another Look at Windowsill Culture, by Gillian Evison
  • Eriospermum dregei, by Gordon Rowley
  • Mammillaria napina, by Bill Maddams
  • All I Can Find Out About...Mammillaria bombycina Quehl, by David Brewerton
  • Colour Development in Scblumbergera, by A.J.S. McMillan
  • One Plus One, by Tom Jenkins
  • Ariocarpus Assignations, by Bill Wightman
  • The Baviaanskloof, Kougadam and Aloe pictifolia Hardy, by Ernst van Jaarsveld
  • The Importation of Artificially Propagated Cacti and Other Succulents, by Bill Maddams
  • Studies on the Behaviour of Plants with Implications for Cultivation, by Leonard Jeffries
  • Peat, by Martin R. Newman
  • For Junior Members, by Catherine Elphee
  • Branch Newsletter, by Roland Tebbenham
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 02/1993

BCSS Journal 02/1993



  • From the President
  • Austrocactus and its Neighbours from Patagonia/southern Argentina, by Tony Johnston
  • For Junior Members, by Catherine Elphee
  • The Hampton Court International Flower Show 1 992, by Jeremy Bishop
  • Getting in the Frame, by Julian Hinton
  • Gymnocalyciums in Argentina, by Graham Charles
  • Disphyma crassifolium in Tresco, Isles of Scilly, by Bill Maddams
  • To The Rescue, by Charlie Glass & W.A. Fitz Maurice
  • All I Can Find Out About ...Jensenobotrya lossowiana, by David Brewerton
  • Sansevieria canaliculata dwarf form, by Dale Speirs
  • Notocactus Flowers are Usually Yellow but...., by Howard Walpole
  • Two New Stapeliads from Namibia, and variation in Hoodia gordonii, by Darrell C.H. Plowes
  • Sedum 'Spiral Staircase', by Ray Stephenson
  • Yet More on Puna (Austrocylindropuntia) clavarioldes, by David Whiteley
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 03/1993
BCSS Journal 04/1993
Journal 03/1993 | 2 GBP
  • All I can Find Out About...Stenocactus albatus, by David Brewerton
  • Cactus Wood, by Harry Mays
  • Further Observations on Carpobrotus edulis in Tresco, Isles of Scilly, by Bill Maddams
  • Ferocactus emoryi, by Bill Keen
  • Senecio deflersii Schwarz, by Harry Mayes
  • The Species Concept - Fact or Fiction? , by lan Rabenda
  • The quarterly Journal and the Yearbook: Criticisms and Suggestions, by Lionel Jeffries
  • Round Robins: An Invitation to Join Up, by Elizabeth Pendleton
  • The Largest Mammillaria bombycina? , by Tony Sears
  • Starting From Scratch... Again, by Simon Green
  • Additional Information about Mammillaria bombycina Quehl, by David Brewerton
  • Neoporteria wagenknechtii, by Eddie Cheetham
  • 1994 Convention, Lecturer Profiles by George Hollis
  • Show Matters by Bill Keen
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 04/1993
BCSS Journal 04/1993
Journal 04/1993 | 2 GBP
  • Salm - Dyck's Succulents by G.D. Rowley
  • Mammillaria lloydii by Bill Maddams
  • Aloaceae Research Collections at RBG Kew by Clive Foster
  • Pilea peperomioides - A Chinese Member of the Stinging Nettle Family by Colin C. Walker
  • Sedum vuralianum (Crassulaceae), a new species from N.E.Anatolia by J.
  • Show Matters by Bill Keen
  • World of Succulents
  • Bookshelf
  • Scientific Naming by Roy Mottram
  • Conservation Matters by Philip E. Downs
  • Round Robins: Early Progress Report by Elizabeth Pendleton
  • Seed List 1993 by David Rushforth
  • Junior Column by Catherine Elphee
  • Some Flowering Tephrocacti by Chris Holland
  • Beware Aluminium Vents by Brian Law
  • Two Sansevierias by A.J.S. McMillan
  • Face to Face