BCSS Journal 01/1997
BCSS Journal 01/1997
Journal 01/1997 | 2 GBP
  • Obetia ficifolia - A Pachycaul Stinging Nettle by Colin Burston, Ralph Martin & Colin Walker
  • H.M. Roan - The Man Behind The Name by John Cox
  • Two Relatives of Notocactus rutilans by Norbert Gerloff and Renè Zahra
  • Worthwhile Hybrid Succulents No.9 Euphorbia 'Macgulfin' by Gordon Rowley
  • Slow-Growing Cacti From Seed by David E. Quail
  • International Succulent Introductions for 1997 by Harry Mays
  • From The President
  • The Practicalities of Conservation by The Conservation Committee
  • Round Robins: Flight Report by Elizabeth Pendleton
  • Bookshelf
  • Abstracts
  • xGasteraloe radili (Aloaceae) - A New Name for an Old Hybrid by Leonard E. Newton
  • Lophophora ziegleri by Tony Johnston
  • Two Days on Gran Canaria Part Two: The Botanical Garden of Tafira Alto (Jardin Canano) by D.J. Ellis
  • Othonna euphorbioides, O.herrei and O.lepidocaulis: Their Natural History and Propagation by Charles Craib
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 02/1997

BCSS Journal 02/1997



  • Epiphyllum Hybrids: Some Old, Some New by Frank Supplie
  • Schick Hybrids by Harry Mays
  • Desert Landscaping - Plants for a Water-Scarce Environment Reviewed by Tony Mace
  • Carpobrotus glaucescens on Herm, Channel Islands by Bill Maddams and Ivan Le Page
  • The Genus Sclerocactus (Cactaceae) - Part 4 by Fritz Hochstatter
  • A Tribute To Ernest Hepworth F.R.H.S. by David Brewerton
  • Mexico Takes Steps Against Illegal Extraction of Cacti - Reported by Charles Glass
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  • Abstracts
  • Re-Establishment of Aloe suzannae in Madagascar Part 1. The Way to the Red Island by Gideon F Smith and Priscilla Swartz
  • Report of the National Show Held on 17th August 1996 by Keith Grantham, George Hollis and Tom Jenkins
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 03/1997
BCSS Journal 04/1997
Journal 03/1997 | 2 GBP
  • Random Observations After Studying Melocacti in Their Habitat for Seven Years by Prof. Mag. Dr. Helmut Antesberger
  • Opuntia erinacea var. columbiana by Dixie A. Dringman
  • Rescue Operations of Threatened Species in the Hydroelectric Project: Zimapan, Mexico by Rafael Ortega Varela, Zirahuen Ortega Varela & Charles Glass
  • Pachypodium lealli Welw. by A.J.S. McMillan
  • Freezing Cacti and How to Get Away With it (or Not) by Chris Holland
  • Soehrensias, Giant Lobivias in Argentina by Graham Charles
  • An Agave Reference System by Dr J.R. Kolendo
  • Six Into One Will Go by David Hunt
  • A New Benefit of Membership
  • Round Robins: Flight Report by Elizabeth Pendleton
  • Bookshelf
  • Abstracts
  • Metrication - or How Not to be Driven Potty over Pots by Ray Alicock and David Green
  • Re-establishment of Aloe suzannae in Madagascar. Part 2. Groundwork on The Red Island. by Priscilla Swartz
  • Escobaria vivipara in Habitat in Arizona by John L.Arnold
  • Charges for Import and Export Permits by Bill Maddams
  • A Message from the Chairman
  • Face to Face
BCSS Journal 04/1997
BCSS Journal 04/1997
Journal 04/1997 | 2 GBP
  • Sansevierias - A Guide Part One by Alan Butler
  • Favourite Mesembs. (An Occasional Series) by Eddy Harris
  • Four Different Notocacti From One Small Region by Norbert Gerloft & Renè Zahra
  • Tula, A Cactophile's Mecca by Charlie Glass
  • A Beautiful Christmas Cactus: Schlumbergera orssichiana Barthl. & McMilIan by Frank Supplie
  • Frailea cataphracta Grows in Brazil as well by Norbert Gerloff, edited by Renè Zahra
  • Christmas Quiz
  • Mammillaria krassuckae by Bill Maddams
  • Round Robins: Flight Report by Elizabeth Pendleton
  • Bookshelf
  • Abstracts
  • Seed List Report 1997 by David Rushforth
  • Cristate Succulents - A Naming Dilemma by G.D.Rowley
  • BCSS Handbook of Shows - 8th Edition by David Neville - National Shows Committee
  • I like Micropuntias! by Chris Holland
  • New combinations in the genus Avonia (Portulacaceae) by G. Williamson
  • Observations on two species of Pseudolithos in habitat and cultivation by Dr Vitezslav Vlk
  • People and Their Plants: Marcos Sierra Pichardo and Mammillaria marcosii by Charles Glass
  • Face to Face