CactusWorld 01/2006
BCSS Journal 01/2006
Journal 01/2006 | 4.5 GBP
  • A few words of introduction from your new editor by Roy Mottram
  • Fieldnotes: Mammillaria manana sp. nova by W A & Betty Fitz Maurice
  • 2006 BCSS special Adenium seed offering by David Rushforth
  • A giant Opuntia clavarioides by David Briggs
  • Hildewintera - a winter's tail by Roy Mottram
  • Meet the growers (1) by Graham Walker
  • Floral splendour in the depths of winter by Rogan Roth
  • Pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, chemurgy and ethnobotany of succulents by Frank M Luman
  • Round Robins report by Malcolm Holloway
  • Regeneration of two species of the genus Turbinicarpus by means of sowing seeds in habitat by J Manuel Sotomayor
  • Literature review
COVER PICTURE: Lophophora williamsii
The Spanish naturalist Francisco Hernandez (1515-1587) was physician to King Philip II of Spain, and was sent to Hispania Nova (now Mexico) for 7 years from 1570 to research the natural history of the region and its anthropology. He wrote about nine species of cacti, one of which was Lophophoro williamsii, which had the local name 'Peyotl of Zacatecas'. It was claimed to possess the special power of clairvoyance for those who ate it. Moreover, you could know who stole something from you, and even more mysteriously, you can find out where more of it grows in the wild by eating another one! [Please don't test this out.] None of Hernandez's cacti found their way back to Europe, as far as we know, and it wasn't until 275 years later, in 1845, that it finally reached Europe, via the famous French nursery of Cels. It vies today as one of the most popular of all cacti, and is well known as a source of halucinogenic alkaloids.
CactusWorld 02/2006
BCSS Journal 02/2006
Journal 02/2006 | 4.5 GBP
  • Editor's comments by Roy Mottram
  • The Hybrid Echinopsis Swap Circle - a success story by Elizabeth J. Pendleton
  • The Darrah Collection by John Hughes
  • In memoriam: Kathleen Stonley (nee Batch), 1917-2006 by David Kirkbright
  • The succulent collection at Bishop Burton College dedicated to the memory of Adrian Haworth by Roy Thackeray
  • An inveterate seedraiser's diary by David Quail
  • Eulophia petersii - on a hillside far, far away.. by Rogan Roth
  • A study of one of England's largest natural sites for Sedum villosurn by Mark Campbell and Ray Stephenson
  • Two new BCSS Fellows
  • Tocitus bellus or Groptopetalurn bellum by John Pilbeam
  • CactusTalk
  • Round Robins report by Malcolm Holloway
  • Literature review

 COVER PICTURE: A young convert to CactusWorld stands in front of the impressive Cleistocactus strausii (white columns). and further behind is a tangled mass of variegated Euphorbia ingens (or candelabrum) and beneath it Nolina recurvata. The student here is Shaun Price, aged 17 years, and currently attending Bishop Burton College as a Horticulture Modern Apprentice working towards his NVQ level 2 qualification.

CactusWorld 03/2006
BCSS Journal 04/2006
Journal 03/2006 | 4.5 GBP


  • Sulcorebutia torabucoensis ssp. patriciae - a spectacular new sulcorebutia by Johan de Vries and Willi Gertel
  • Conophytum bruynsii by Chris Rodgerson
  • Cacti of the Pativilca river basin, Lima, Peru by Carlos Ostolaza (SPECS); Aldo Ceroni (UNALM); Natalia Calderón (UNALM); Esther Alvarez (UNSAAC); Jonatan Zapata (UNMSM); Johanna Cortèz (UNALM); Lourdes Salinas (SPECS)
  • Aloe antonii Castillon, a new species of Asphodelaceae from the western coast of Madagascar by Jean-Bernard Castillon
  • Echinopsis (Trichocereus) schickendantzii - much more than just a grafting stock! by Ray Allcock
  • Rearrangements in the systematics of Eriosyce napina (Philippi) Kattermann (Cactaceae) by Helmut Walter & Wendelin Machler
  • Three Chilean succulent euphorbias by Paul Klaassen
  • Literature review
  • Round Robins report by Malcolm Holloway

COVER PICTURE: Conophytum bruynsii. This super photo of Conophytum bruynsii at home amongst the red quartzite rocks in the northern Knersvlakte was taken by Derek Tribble in August 2003. Only discovered in 1995 and first described in 1998, it is still relatively rare in cultivation. The type collection had wholly yellow flowers, unlike these bicoloured superstars.

CactusWorld 04/2006
BCSS Journal 04/2006
Journal 04/2006 | 4.5 GBP


  • Echinocactus grusonii, a new location for the Golden Barrel by W A & Betty Fitz Maurice, Julia Etter & Martin Kristen
  • Heliocereus cinnaborinus (Eichlam ex Weing.) Britton & Rose at a possible new location in Veracruz, Mexico by Miguel J Cházaro, Jose Luis Tapia-Muñoz& Hector Narave-Flores
  • Report on the BCSS sixth quadrennial International Convention, 17-20 August 2006 by Roy Mottram
  • An old acquaintance from the Guanillos Valley (Prow de Atacama, Chile) is finally validated by Helmut Walter and Wendelin Mächler
  • Seed Offer 2006 by David Rushforth
  • Aloe eximia - an attractive new species from Madagascar by John Lavranos and Tom McCoy
  • Lophophora - species and cultivars by G D Rowley
  • Balsam-bearing Bonsai - potentially by Bert Jonkers
  • Literature review
  • Round Robins report by Malcolm Holloway
  • CactusTalk