CactusWorld 01/2015
BCSS Journal 01/2015
Journal 01/2015 | 4.5 GBP
  • Editor's comments by Al Laius
  • Gymnocalycium - an alphabetical review: part 7, R-Z by John Pilbeam
  • Bill Maddams
  • Yucca `Anna', a new hybrid by Benny M Jensen
  • In my greenhouse by Gregg DeChirico
  • A new species of Aloe from the Sudan, and the answer to a long-standing mystery by Tom A McCoy and John J Lavranos
  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument by Alan Ritchie
  • Sierra del Carmen - a land of surprises by Peter Berresford
  • Plants of the quarter
  • A new species of Aloe in Tanzania with secund flowers by Leonard E Newton
  • Cactus fruits - in total contrast with their arid ecosystem by Jan Emming
  • Eric Judd - South African Aloe artist by Colin C Walker and Gideon F Smith
  • CactusTalk
  • Literature review

Front cover: A typical flowering specimen of Aloe zubb T.A.McCoy & Lavranos in habitat in the Erkowit region of the Sudan. Often misidentified in cultivation as Aloe sinkatana Reynolds, this new species is described in the current Journal. (Photo: Tom McCoy)

CactusWorld 02/2015
BCSS Journal 02/2015
Journal 02/2015 | 4.5 GBP
  • Confessions of a Turbinicarpus collector (part 3) by Rob Stevenson
  • In my greenhouse by George Thomson
  • The cultivation of cacti and succulents (part 2) by Philip Greswell
  • Bright aloes by Nata Ellis
  • Why differences make a difference. Afield study on the diversity and distribution of Echinocereus xlloydii by Martina, Andreas & Alexander Ohr
  • Corrections
  • A new variety of Aloe morijensis S.Carter & Brandham in Kenya by M Uleh & L E Newton
  • The rediscovery of Euphorbia caput-aureum Denis (Euphorbiaceae) by Sebastien Houyelle
  • CactusTalk
  • Remembering Bill Beaston by Eric Ribbens
  • Crassula identification - why eyes alone are just not enough by Amanda Whittaker

Front cover: A red-flowered form of Echinocereus xlloydii which features in an article in the current issue. (Photo: Martina and Andreas Ohr)

CactusWorld 03/2015
BCSS Journal 04/2015
Journal 03/2015 | 4.5 GBP
  • Editor's comments by Al Laius
  • A month in Mexico - part 1 by Ian Woolnough
  • Why are mesembs the Cinderellas of the cactus and succulent world? by Peter Bint
  • Who else loves agaves? by Attila Kapitany
  • In my greenhouse by Mike Stansbie
  • Euphorbias worth knowing and growing (part 4) by Gerhard Marx
  • Two new additions to the genus Aloe from Somalia by Tom McCoy & John Lavranos
  • A different way to grow the smaller epiphytic cacti by Mark Preston
  • Aeonium hybrids and heredity by G D Rowley
  • Haworthia magnifica or mirabilis - that is the question? by Rogan B Roth
  • A new BCSS Fellow
  • Wilcoxias by John Pilbeam
  • Succulents in the garden by David Quail
  • Literature review
  • Ex situ conservation of cacti and succulents at CSIR-NBRI Botanic Garden, Lucknow, India by R K Roy & J S Khuraijam

Front cover: Agave utahensis var. eborispina Attila Kapitany's article inside this issue looks at the tremendous variation to be found in habitat plants of Agave utahensis. The prominent white-spined examples of this species are recognised by many growers as. Agave utahensis var. eborispina (Ivory-spined agave). (Photo: Attila Kapitany)

CactusWorld 04/2015


Journal 04/2015 | 4.5 GBP

  • Editor's comments by Al Laius
  • Chilean cactus adventures (part 2) by Jonathan Y Clark
  • Pachypodiums of southern Africa by Detlef H Schnabel
  • Looking at the genus Micranthocereus by Peter Bint
  • An interesting natural intergeneric hybrid from the Western Cape, South Africa by D M Cumming
  • Pterocactus tuberosus by Tony Morris
  • Flowering of Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop' by Gerry Blacoe
  • In my greenhouse by Colin C Walker
  • Botanical art - an inside view by Doreen Bolnick and AI Laius
  • Seed list 2015/2016 by Peter Arthurs
  • Some cacti of Antigua by Ian Woolnough
  • Beaucamea updated by Colin C Walker
  • Acharagma roseanum subsp. galeanense by Rob Stevenson
  • Plants of the quarter
  • CactusTalk

Front Cover: Melocactus intortus A group of Melocactus intortus growing away from the coast in Antigua on bare rocky outcrops. Further details of this species and other cacti from Antigua can be found inside this issue. (Photo: Ian Woolnough)