CactusWorld 01/2016


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  • Editor's comments by Al Laius
  • A month in Mexico - part 2 by Ian Woolnough
  • The Alameda by Peter Berresford
  • Presidential potted plants - Agave macroacanthaby Colin C Walker
  • Photographing your plants by John Ellis
  • Going potty by Paul Klaassen
  • Islaya divaricatiflora F. Ritter - the red-flowered islaya by Zlatko Janeba
  • CactusTalk
  • Plants of the quarter
  • In my greenhouse by Tony Harcourt
  • Flower variability in a single population of Piaranthus geminatus by David Cumming
  • Readers' views by Al Laius
  • Literature review

Front cover: When I was young, my dad would take me for occasional visits to cactus nurseries on his way to work. One such visit I remember being given a budget to spend and was torn between two large golden spined cacti, one grafted and labelled Eriosyce aurata, the other, on its own roots, was Echinocactus grusonii. E.aurata had a reputation of'being difficult', prone to rot, which is why it was grafted, so I opted for the E.grusonii. In the end however, I chose a dozen or so Rebutia and Sulcorebutia, which would take up the, same amount of space as one of the larger plants. In 2001 I saw my first habitat plant of E.aurata on a visit to Bosque Fray Jorge national park, but was disappointed that there was no sign of the yellow spination that had given the plant its name. Later, I learned that for the yellow spined plants I had to drive to Vicuna in the Elqui Valley, where the plants at Tres Cruces have regularly featured on my itineraries ever since. (Photo: Paul Klaassen)

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